Subhan-Allah Alhumdulillah Allah-hu-Akbar


Subhan-Allah Alhumdulillah Allah-hu-Akbar

“Seeking knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims”

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Salah Schedule At Masjid-E-Walidain

Fajr 04:40 am 05:05 am
Dhuhr 12:45 pm 01:00 pm
Asr 04:00 pm 04:15 pm
Magrib 06:27 pm 06:32 pm
Isha 08:20 pm 08:45 pm
Jummah 12:30 pm 01:15 pm

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Our mission is to call everyone towards the true and  authentic Islamic doctrine and concept from the teachings of Quran (Book of Allah) and Sunnah (Sayings and Practices of Allah’s messenger Muhammad (SAW)), and to understand as it was understood and practiced by Salaf As-Saliheen.

  • Revive forgotten Sunnah (Teaching of Rasool Allah Muhammed (SAW) and spread it – remove and prevent Innovations (in terms of Religion) in society and connect people to the Manhaj (way) of Salaf As-Saliheen.

  • Preach beneficial authentic Islamic knowledge and Enlighten Muslims about their Religion Islam in terms of it’s Doctrine & Ibadaat, Everyday Dealings & Good Morals.

  • Invite Non-Muslims to enter into Islam by introducing the true religion to them and explaining them the benefits for them in accepting it and remove any misconceptions about Islam that they may have.

  • Deliver special lectures (Droos) and courses (Dauras) for Urdu speaking community and remove mistakes and deformed Islamic doctrine from them.

  • Use latest digital media and social media networks to reach broader audience and make authentic Islamic teaching available to everyone.

We pray Allah (SWT) to provide us help, strength and ability to follow our mission and accomplish its goals and protect us from every kind of evil in its path. Ameen!!!